The creation process 

In order to develop your product, we are following a precise process that allows us not to leave behing anything necessary to its wellbeeing. Thanks to this process, we can confirm each phase with you so you can be involved in your product's creation.



After a first meeting during which you will explain us your project, we will study its economic and technological feasibility in order to confirm its viability.
Then we will write down all the technical specifications together so we can follow them during all the development of your product. This will allow us to create a product as close to your excpecations as possible. Finally we will choose the process our team will follow for the creation of your product.

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In order to provide you with the most complete offer, we are collaborating with Unistudio, which is a design agency specialized in industrial design. This relation gives us a wider action field. By managing the project from the design conception to its final production, we are able to ensure the complete creation process.

The alliance of design and research and development is a real strategy for your projects. This design agency, established with us at Eurasanté, works in collaboration with its clients. Unistudio's ambition is to keep exploring new concepts by remaining innovative. With them, we are offering you to combine aesthetics to technics in order to create a functionnal but also meaningful and attractive product.

You can learn more about this design agency and have a glimpse of its work on its website :

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It is during this phase that your product will take shape. We will think together about a concept on which our work could be based, without forgetting about the industrial and technical obligations. Then, our team will shape your product with different CAD software as Siemens NX. We will also choose which material we will use and which will follow our wish to optimise the costs. During this important phase, we are guaranteeing you that we will keep you informed of everything so you can take part in the creation of your product.

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In order to confirm your product's standards, we will make some digital and/or physical mock-ups that we will submit to a testing protocol. We also can help you for your product's probate.
This phase is really important in our process because it enables us to ensure the final product is in keeping with your expectations before lauching the industrialization.

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We have in our own buildings the technology to print a prototype in 3D in order to show you a glimpse of your product. We can indeed use 3D printed functional or appearance prototypes  to confirm each phase of the creation of your product, using different methods such as :  stereolithography, sintering powder, vacuum casting, wire deposit...

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In order to finalize your project, our research unit in plastics and mecanics offers to help you for the industrialization of your product. Indeed we're ensuring the continuity between research and development by offering you the possibility of a follow-up of your product's mass production. As we are specialised in plastic injection molds and tools creation, we have several partnership in diverse fields such as : boilermaking, plastics, iron and rubber making... and that use different process such as : textile and leather sheath, positif or negatif thermoforming, overmolding...

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