In order to combine security and mobility, we decided to create a connected walking stick in collaboration with Unistudio and Phoceis. This walking stick is made special by its geo-tracking and its urgency button. It allows the user to be reassured and to feel safe when he/she goes for a walk. We are still currently at the stage of prototype and will include a dynamo charging system and an induction charging terminal, in its final version.

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Not another walking stick 

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Everything but a new electronical gadget, Compagnon 2.0 was developped to answer a real problem that identified in the seniors' dailylife. Indeed, elders tend to fall a lot when they walk, which make them lose all their confidence and their feeling of security. With our project, we wanted to give them their confidence back, so they can go outside of their house again. Thanks to its urgency button, the stick allows its user to contact his family or directly the emergency. But even if the stick was innovative in its functions, we wanted it to look as normal as possible to prevent it to look like another technological object.





It all started in our shared office with Unistudio. We identified a daily problem a the senior's lfe : the fear of falling. We found out that it could prevent elderly people to go outside. We wanted to try to find a solution to that problem so we organised a workshop where we started to think about a connected wlaking stick with its emergency button. This stick would allow the user to call someone for help after a fall. When Eurasanté launched its call for project called "Silver Surfer" we had no choice but to show them our idea. As we weren't able to develop the electornics we decided to collaborate with a third company : Phoceis.




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All the design was imagined by Unistudio. We wanted the stick to look as normal as possible, but without forgetting the ergonomic aspect. They also wanted the stick to be customisable so the user could choose an object that he really likes. That why they create a wide range with different matters and colors.


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After the designers imagines an ergonomic and easy to use product, our engineers started to give the product a life. We developed the stick in 3D, thanks to our CAD softwares and produced some prototypes to test it. Then, Phoceis created the electronics allowing the stick to send a signal to a smartphone application, created for the project.



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A first functional and aestetic prototype was created in our agency thanks to our 3D printers. We presented this prototype during the call for project at Eurasante.



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 Our collaboration with Phoceis, specialised in digital and electronic devices, allowed us to give the stick its real purpose. They developped all the system that send the alert signal to the smartphone and the application.