Specialised in fixating tool dedicated to construction industry, Scell-it wanted to redesign its reveting machine. They wanted it to look like the rest of the range but without changing its mecanic.
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Scell-it first contacted our partner Unistudio to reinvent their product. After an analysis of the use of the reveting tool, the designer worked on the style and ergonomy of the product. They changed the buttons' place to make the product easier to use, and gave it the same look of the rest of the range.


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Unistudio asked our engineers to give life to the product they imagined. Thanks to our softwares we modelled it in 3D.


  • unistudio_scell-it_element_five_riveteuse_ergonormie_design_ergornomie
  • unistudio_scell-it_element_five_riveteuse_ergonormie_design_scan3D_02
  • unistudio_scell-it_element_five_riveteuse_ergonormie_design_scan3D_03

To go further, we created a prototype to ajust the edges of the product and make it even more ergonomic. Daniel Marcotte made a 3D scan of the mock-up so we could modelised it again to develop a final version of the product.