The Silver concept is the result of a collaboration between 50 companies et partners of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais that worked together to improve the life of dependent seniors. In this futurist EHPAD (nursing house for dependent elderly people) the patients can control their room thanks to domestic devices via a tablet. This tablet gives the resident entertainments (TV, Radio, games…) and the ability to interact with its environment, the medical staff and the other residents. The Clubster santé asked us to create a protection for this tablet that could change its image of fragile object.



Avant projet

In order to do that we first created an architecture prototype that confirmed our concept. We wanted to create a case covered in textile. The idea was to make the tablet pleasant to touch, confortable and easy to use but by protecting it.





Unistudio worked on the design of this case by keeping in mind the idea of simple use. They worked to erase the image of technology to make the object accessible in the elderly people’s mind. They imagined an ergonomic object that can be used on one’s knees or on a table, totally washable and antibacterial in order to meet the needs of a medical target.





The development phase allowed us to go even further in the idea of simplification. We wondered a lot about the elderly people’s access to digital device and decided to make the interface over in order to make it even simpler. We wanted to add a contactless smart card reader that could help the user to access some fonctions without going through different menus.
As for the technical aspect, the product was made to optimize the industrial tooling and facilitate the assembling.


AF15010003 A0002 v01 xx 150218 2



For this project we had to give back an aspect prototype that the Clubster santé could show at the health and autonomy exhibition in Paris. We created a prototype in powder sintering that we painted and on which we installed the textile. 
In order to prepare the product for its industrialization we estimated the costs for the production of all the pieces.


IMG 9830