Somno-Art is an innovative ambulatory monitoring device that analyse sleep phases via the user’s heart pulsation during the night. This first generation is dedicated to a clinical research and is the result of a collaboration between PPRS and CIC-IT. The goal is to get the same heart beat signal as an electrocardiogram. We created a bracelet with pulsation sensor more confortable than the other products on the market.


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For this project we made a list of the technical specifications with the client. We had to create a multi sensor device that could give us strong data and adaptable to all morphologies. Then we organized a workshop day with all the teams from CIC-IT, R&D2 Innovate and Unistudio to select the better sensor.
Thanks to this workshop we found a solution : 2 cases that contains the sensors linked together by a strap. One of them needed to contain two buttons, a jack connexion and an USB port. Both had to be washable. We created a first architecture prototype in order to test this solution in CIC-IT’s laboratory.



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During this project we collaborated with the designers from Unistudio. Technics and aesthetic were developed together. Concerning the design there were two leading ideas. The first one was rounded and more aesthetic and the second one was more geometric. The client decided to keep the second one because it looked more technic and we could had afterwords a screen.


unistudio pprs developper3

Thanks to our CAD software, we developed these cases, following the technical specifications we listed with the client. We made some tests to find their shape in order to optimize the contact with the skin and the quality of the signal. We gradually embed the design part.



We created series of prototypes that allowed us to validate each phase of the process. They also permitted to clear up some doubts about the buttons or the isolation for example. A last functional prototypes with the design was finally validate by the client.


DSC 0363

For the industrialization we followed up the machinerie. We validate the initiate sample after metrology and we launched the mass production. For that we had to find biocompatible materials respecting the standard : ISO 10993-1 / ISO 10993-10 / CEI 60601-1.
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